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        關于我們 ABOUT US

        丹陽市科達鍍膜材料有限公司,坐落于江蘇省丹陽市經濟開發區,專業生產與銷售真空鍍膜材料、鍍膜機配件。產品包括二氧化鋯、二氧化硅、一氧化硅、氟化鎂、鉻 、 鎳、三氧化二鋁、二氧化鈦、氧化銦錫ITO、防水膜、超加硬防水、鎢舟、 鉬舟、鎢絞絲、電子槍絲、離子槍絲、銦絲、晶振片、探頭配件、電子槍、離子槍陶瓷、離子分流器、加熱燈管、硅真空脂等。以上產品在鏡片、精密光學、通訊、航天、太陽能等多個領域都有廣泛的應用。本公司以雄厚的實力、合理的價格、優良的服務與多家企業建立了長期的合作關系。丹陽市科達鍍膜材料有限公司熱誠歡迎閣下前來參觀、考察、洽談業務。 選擇科達我們與您共創錦繡未來。
            DANYANG KEDA COATING MATERIAL CO.LTD is located in Jiangsu Province, Danyang City Economic Development Zone.Specializing in the production and sales of vacuum coating materials、Coating machine accessories.
        Products includeTwo zirconia、Silicon dioxide、A silicon oxide、Magnesium fluoride、Chromium、Nickel、Three two aluminum oxide、Titania、Indium tin oxide ITO、Waterproof membrane、Super hard waterproof、Tungsten boat、Molybdenum boat、Tungsten wire cutter、Electron gun filament、Ion gun filament、Indium wire、Crystal、Probe parts、Electron gun、Ion gun ceramic、Ion current、Heating tube、Silicon greaseAnd so on.The above products in the lens, precision optics, communications, aerospace, energy and other fields have a wide range of applications.This company to a strong, reasonable prices, excellent service and a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation.DANYANG KEDA COATING MATERIALCO.LTD sincerely welcome you come to visit, study, business negotiations. Selection of subjects we work with you to create a beautiful future.。

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